On Guard For You

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ogfuThis is how it happened. No excuses. Nothing to make me look better, or at , least not so bad. Moira had just stepped out of the bathroom, and after she’d gone, like I could see through walls, gave her a look, then clicked off her curling iron. She put down her glass water pipe that she had purchased at this online headshop. Why she can’t remember to do that, especially now with little Larry tottering around, is beyond me. I picture him snagging a loop of cord, pulling the iron down, wrapping his hands i I around the bright rod. The idea of his fingers burning there makes me shiver.

She forgot to close the door, too, so within a couple of seconds, there was Larry, standing in the doorway, wearing his I-wonder-if-I-can-get-away-with-this smile. He bent, slapping his thighs in excitement, and …

Polio: Still Out There, Still Dangerous

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polioLast year, my 6-year-old son, David, took karate lessons. For most parents, the occasion would be just one of many milestones in their children’s lives. For my wife, Kathy, and me, however, it was much more than that. It wasn’t too long ago that we thought our son might never walk, first because of autism, and then…

Like his sister, Liz, six years older, David was the perfect baby-sleeping through the night after only a few weeks, exploring and crawling at 6 months, and constantly flashing a smile. Liz was an enthusiastic “third parent,” always ready and willing to hold and feed him.

When David was 5 months old, we took him to the pediatrician for a “healthy baby” visit. In the examining room, Kathy and I held him as he was given a sweet, pink oral polio vaccine followed by a shot for …

Keeping The Best Records

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lipWhen I started thinking about this column, I felt a flush of guilt. To the left of my desk is a foot-high pile of stuff awaiting filing. And my cabinet is full of old papers I haven’t thrown away. How could I help others get organized when I’m drowning myself? So I’m fixing things and feeling better–just as you will, as you begin to wring order out of chaos.

Good records simplify your life. And they’re money in the bank for your heirs. Americans lose millions because they never find all the savings accounts, life insurance policies, and investments that careless relatives leave behind.

Here’s a quick guide to what to keep, what to toss, and where to stash it.

In a home safe or bank safe-deposit box, protected from fire and flood:

* Your will, trusts, and cemetery deed.

* A home inventory. …

Bad Friends: Everyone Has One

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bfSHE CAME TO MY HOUSE EVERY DAY, bearing freshly squeezed orange juice, pots of chicken soup, and loads of advice. My friend Alice(*) was a godsend, there for me at a horrible time when I’d lost my job at a great organization and was feeling miserable. I’d weep, and she’d tut-tut and put her arm around my shoulder, bucking me up and reassuring me that my previous employers weren’t fit to shine my shoes. We would smoke bowls together and hit my TAG dab rig before we went out. When yet another job interview became a dead end, she’d come over, fix dinner, listen to my new tale of woe, and tell me that my limitless talents would be appreciated more the next time.

Alice was as solid as a friend could be–until I found another job. Then, this woman who had been on …

New Year’s Resolutions: Not For Everybody

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nysOne year ends, another begins. “Now let us welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been,” the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote. His invitation to be open to receiving the New Year’s bountiful blessings inspires me to look deep within myself. I gaze with gratitude at a blank canvas, eager to begin painting.

In the past, when I focused on perfectionism rather than possibility, I didn’t welcome the New Year with as much joy and good cheer. Instead, I greeted January with steely will, dogged determination, and a list of resolutions so demanding and daunting I was doomed to fail even before the first day was done. “This year I’ll earn one-hundred thousand dollars, write the great American novel, study sculpture, stop smoking, lose thirty pounds, learn to lambada, become fluent in French, build a barn, conquer clutter, hike the …

How Can I Avoid Hard Drive Clicking?

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drive-clickThe dreaded ‘click of death’ can be a pretty serious issue to deal with, especially if you are not familiar with the reasoning behind that hard drive clicking like it is. The first thing people generally think of when they hear their hard drive clicking is that it is going to fall into some catastrophic failure and their data and files will be lost. This can happen, no reason to lie about that. However if you regularly backup your files, you have nothing to worry about.

One item to keep in mind is the age of your system. If it is an older model, the issue may simply be air. Many of the more modern models do not have fans built into them to cool them off when they are in use. Check this first and if it is the case, simply sit a small desk fan pointed to the system and see if that works.

Another main item to consider is the amount of use your system sees. Are you an avid user? Is the system on all day, and in the evening it is only ‘put to sleep’ and not entirely shut down? If the answer is yes, this may be a problem. Large server based systems need rest after a while if you'd like to avoid using a RAID recovery service. Just as humans and animals need to rest, so do electronics. Shut it completely down at night and let it rest. You may be amazed and the progress you see. And who know the hard drive clicking may be a thing of the past soon enough!

Causes Of Clicking Hard Drive Sounds

We all have needed extra space for our data. Most of the time, a computer’s hard disk drive isn’t enough to store all our important files and we have to store and backup these files on an external hard drive. But when you suddenly hear clicking hard drive sounds from your external HD, what do you think is probably causing these noises? There can be several causes for the clicking hard drive sounds. See this for examples. One might be that the drive is not getting the enough amount of power it needs to fully spin up and function properly. This can be remedied by making sure that there is enough power source for the drive and your computer to work. Reason number two can be that the cables connecting the external hard drive to your computer and other cables such as the Ethernet data cable, FireWire, Thunderbolt, eSATA, or USB cable is not the correct fit for your external hard drive or these cables are faulty. You can help fix this by simply replacing the cables that you are currently using and making sure that they are all a perfect fit for your external hard drive. Lastly, the clicking hard drive sounds can also mean that the external hard drive itself has already crashed. In this case, it’s best to take it to a computer professional for much needed data recovery troubleshooting.

Stop The Clicking Sounds On An External Hard Drive

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Can You Buy An Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Online?

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Can you buy an anti snoring mouthpiece online? Of course, you can. In fact, there is hardly anything that cannot be bought online these days. Thanks to the easy access to Internet with almost everyone having a smart phone or a computer one can search for and find an anti snoring mouthpiece just as easily as anything else. While there are some that still go out into the stores or malls in search of something or another, many others are willing to stay away from the crowds and traffic as long as they can browse through many web sites and place an order for some product that they need.

antismpKnowing this to be an effective marketing strategy, many agencies offer their services to manufacturing companies offering to promote the product and build up the hype in the market. You will find that this is one of the more common ways of advertising and it is as effective with an anti snoring mouthpiece as with anything else. The only thing that is important to note is that people should be willing to use the device or the mouthpiece according to the experts. This can be considered a good cause to spend money on as it is expected to enrich your daily life.

What Is Snoring Mouth Guard?

What is snoring mouth guard? It is easy enough to find out what a snoring mouth guard is if you have access to the Internet. It has become a common

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Trust Your Alarm? You Shouldn’t

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bcIn March 1993, residents of Silver Spring, MD, were shocked by a brutal crime: the cold-blooded murder of Mildred Horn, her quadriplegic 8-year-old son, and the boy’s nurse. Horn’s husband, Lawrence, convicted of hiring the killer, was sentenced to life in prison. In October 1995, the man he hired, James Edward Perry, was sentenced to death.

But there was, in a way, another accomplice, according to the prosecution: a book whose instructions Perry followed–to the letter–in carrying out 22 details of his crime, including the fact that his weapon of choice was an AR-7 rifle, that he drilled out the serial number so the gun couldn’t be traced, that he used what authorities believe was a homemade silencer, and that he fired from a distance of three feet, shooting two of his victims three times in the eyes.

That book, Hit Man: A Technical

The Blood Supply… How Safe?

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tbshsThis year, an estimated four million Americans will receive blood transfusions. “The blood supply has never been safer,” says Jim MacPherson, executive director of America’s Blood Centers. While there are small risks involved with getting a blood transfusion, experts say they are far outweighed by the risks of not receiving blood. What’s more, blood banks continue to pursue “absolute safety” through the development of more sophisticated tests and more detailed questioning of potential donors.

Here, answers to some common concerns:

What are my chances of getting AIDS from a blood transfusion?

Researchers say that a new, more sensitive screening test required at all blood banks since last March has cut what was already a very small risk (one chance in 450,000 to 660,000) to, literally, one chance in a million.

For more than a decade, blood banks have been testing blood for HIV–the virus …

Tantrums: Parents Have Them Too!

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My friends consider me a calm person. When other drivers but me off without signaling, I just sigh and keep going. When store clerks are surly, I ignore them. So why was I standing at the top of the stairs the other day, waving a Lego block and screaming that if I found one more beneath my bare feet, I’d throw all of them out?

My kids, that’s why. Gus, 6, and Teddy, 2, have an uncanny ability to pull me into tantrum territory. It’s frustrating. It’s embarrassing. But like many parents, I can only take so much before I go into meltdown.

Experts say that parents are most vulnerable to eruptions when they’re already feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or angry. Of course, yelling, stomping your feet, or throwing stuff rarely helps, as satisfying as they may feel. Worse, kids don’t learn healthy ways to

Retirement Myths You Can Ignore

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If you believe the following, honk. 1) Social Security won’t be there when I retire. 2) 1 can’t retire on less than $1 million (or $2 million-fill in scary large number).

The noise outside my window is deafening. Among working people, those two statements now pass as gospel. There’s just one little problem: Both are wrong.


rmycYou read everywhere that the Social Security program is going broke, partly because the government has borrowed from Social Security’s trust fund and spent it on other things. This fear is stirred up by people who want to dump this successful safety net.

The Social Security trust fund, however, is doing fine. It’s huge — some $566 billion at the end of last year — and still growing. The money pours in from payroll taxes not currently needed to pay benefits. That cash is safely invested …

Using The Power Of Your Metabolism

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Have you convinced yourself that your passion for chocolate or your chips-and-dip habit isn’t the real reason those jeans no longer fit? And that it’s all the fault of your slow-motion metabolism? Well, forget that excuse. New research reveals that we can all get our bodies to burn calories faster. Below, experts address your most burning questions about charging up your metabolism.

What exactly does metabolism mean, anyway?

poymYour metabolic rate is the speed at which the body burns calories at any given time. Most people know that the pace picks up during exercise. But what many don’t realize is that when it comes to losing weight, the number of calories burned when you’re doing absolutely nothing matters most! Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) — how fast you expend energy for basic functions like breathing and blood circulation — accounts for up to 75 …

Has IBM Done Enough??

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With Personal Systems remaining part of IBM, some believe the computer giant is not giving the division enough of the freedom it needs to be successful in the intensely competitive PC market.

By holding onto Personal Systems, IBM is signaling that PCs and workstations are “part of the crown jewels” and too valuable to spin off, said Ulric Weil, a principal in Weil & Associates, a Washington consulting firm. “But if they stick with their culture of 65 years, they might crush the life out of it.”

Weil questioned whether IBM is serious about truly becoming a “holding company” for independent businesses. “This is a blueprint, conceived at the very highest levels of management,” he said. “But there is no clear-cut timetable for implementation.”

A former top IBM executive, who declined to be identified, questioned whether Personal Systems will get the message that it …